S/Y Sofia Electra - Features

  • Brand: Ocean Star 51.2
  • Length: 15,95m
  • Boca: 4,58m
  • Motor: 100 CV Yanmar turbo diesel
  • Cabins: 5 (4+1 skipper)
  • Bunk beds: 7 (6+1 skipper)
  • N° of people: 12
  • Features: A
Pedro Figueiredo

Pedro Figueiredo


Hello, my name is Pedro, since very young I’ve been involved in water sports and I love sailing, it’s a passion that has been in my family for a long time! There is nothing that satisfies me more than being able to work in this area and apply all my knowledge and at the same time be able to provide my guests with one of the most beautiful rides along the shores of our city, Oporto, full of history and immense architectural wealth!

Embark with me on this adventure!


So that there can be no doubt.

You can purchase a Douro Sailing experience through the Book button on the website, this link or by contacting us directly for something more personalized using the form.

If you wish, yes!
For this, you must indicate to us that you want to receive the voucher. We can even put the name you want on the voucher, if you want to offer it.

The ideal is to book at least 48 hours in advance. However, you can call the day before the intended date or even on the day to inquire about availability.

You can change your reservation whenever you want, we understand that sometimes there are unforeseen events.

Douro Sailing assumes the right to cancel any experience due to bad weather and/or sea conditions, including on the same day, or for reasons beyond its control.
When this happens, all reservations scheduled for the day in question will be rescheduled for a new date according to the availability of both parties, Douro Sailing and the customer.
Under no circumstances will Douro Sailing refund the experience.

The customer has the right to cancel/annul his appointment. Ideally, you should do so 48 hours in advance, however we understand that due to force majeure, do so on the day or the day before.
In any of these cases, a new date will be rescheduled according to the availability of both parties, Douro Sailing and the client.
Under no circumstances will Douro Sailing refund the experience.

Yes, children count as a passenger the same as adults.

All departures and arrivals are made from Douro Marina, Porta/Cais D

There are 2 cabins (suites), with double beds, at the stern, and 2 cabins, with bunk beds for 2 people each, at the bow of the boat.
All cabins have a shower and toilet.
The cabins have all the necessary comfort to spend a good nights restful sleep.
To get a more precise idea, we suggest that you consult the “Overnight Stay” experience page.

It is expressly forbidden to smoke inside the boat.

When you buy one, or several nights, the boat is just for you. The space is yours!

You must show up at Douro Marina, in front of Porta/Cais D at the prearranged time, where a member of our team will welcome you.


Douro Sailing offers a free parking space at Douro Marina to customers who sleep on board.


Yes, you have a free Wi-Fi system on board.

With a privileged location in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the Douro Marina, our sailboat is located on the shores of Porto, close to the beautiful and renowned beaches of Gaia, and just 3 km from the historic center of Porto.
This distance can easily be covered either by bus or by a combination of 2 transports: boat and tram.

• Buses – (STCP) – Stop Arrábida (902, 903 and 907) and (Espírito Santo) – Stop Afurada – 14 (Porto – Via Candal), 18 (Boavista – Casa da Musica), 27 (Porto – Via Beira-Rio )

•Taxi Boat – Flor do Gás Speedboat (Lordelo do Ouro) Douro Marina. (reception pier).

Douro Sailing offers its overnight guests a free parking spot in the Douro Marina.

I want to book a memorable tour.

🚤 Maintenance Alert! ⚙️

Just a quick heads-up: our boats are taking a short break for maintenance until March 31st.

We’ll be back, ship-shape and ready to sail the stunning Douro River with you.
Thanks for your patience!
But the excitement doesn’t have to wait! You can already book your April adventure with us.
Secure your spot for the ultimate DouroSailing experience. 📆⛵️